Spatial Digital Twin - Telecommunications and utilities infrastructure in the Spatial Digital Twin 

17 Dec, 2021 22:58

The NSW Independent Bushfire Inquiry on the 2019/2020 bushfires reinforced the need for telecommunications and utility infrastructure data, particularly spatial data that could inform risk and resilience decisions in the location and protection of essential utilities infrastructure in emergency situations.

The key objectives of developing a comprehensive telecommunications infrastructure data set are to:

  • Improve the ability of Emergency Services Organisation (ESOs) to protect these vital assets through better understanding of their location, protection arrangements and interdependencies
  • Ensure ESOs know what telecommunications services are and aren’t available to them for operational use, and understand what services are available to the community and
  • Ensure communities have the greatest possible prospect of retaining communications and connectivity, allowing:
    • people to be fully informed on fire progress and conditions
    • people to call for emergency assistance
    • people to communicate with family and neighbours
    • government and ESOs to provide community warnings via emergency alert services
    • access to post emergency services 

Author: NSW Government
Country of Origin: Australia

Unique ID number: DSLE00058

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